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Independent vs Captive Agent? (11/02/2010)
When looking to change or purchase auto insurance - a common question many people have is if it would make more sense to purchase their insurance through a captive/exclusive insurance agent or an independent agent.. The answer depends on your specific needs and what is important to you. There is not right or wrong answer to this.. Read More
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Switching Insurance Companies (03/11/2010)
Have you been considering switching auto insurance companies? Before you start collecting automobile insurance quotes, there are a few things you should consider, such as tenure with your current company. Tenure with an insurance company is important for many reasons - for instance: if you are involved in an automobile accident .. Read More
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Qualities in an Agent? (02/08/2010)
What is it you are looking for in an insurance agent? Not sure quite how to answer that questions? This is a important question everyone looking to purchase insurance should ask themselves. This article will attempt to answer some of your questions regarding insurance and insurance agents. In today's world of fast food and driv.. Read More
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Comprehensive Ins (02/08/2010)
Comprehensive insurance protects the owners vehicle for an additional premium. Comprehensive coverage is used If your car is stolen or damaged by a covered peril. Comprehensive insurance covers most perils that are not covered by collision insurance. comprehensive car insurance covers your vehicle if is damaged by a fire, winds.. Read More
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Collision Insurance (02/05/2010)
Collision coverage on your auto insurance comes into play if your car is damaged in a accident. Collision covers anything resulting from a collision with another vehicle to single car accidents (while the car was moving). Collision auto insurance covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle - not repairs to other parties involved .. Read More
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